Change from FP2 to FP4...or not

Hi all,

I’ve been a happy Fairphone 2 user since 2018. However in the last year, my phone got really slow. I don’t need it to be super fast, but it takes up to 5 seconds to even load just the keyboard, and the keyboard also regularly freezes for a few seconds while typing.

I’ve been able to solve this about 6 months ago by a complete factory reset, but I’m already back to where it was 6 months ago. I really want to keep using my phone as long as possible, but factory-resetting every few months is quite tedious. And just removing cache files doesn’t seem to help any bit. Is there anything else I can do to bring the phone back up to speed?

I’m wondering if this slowing down is a natural result of apps and software getting heavier over the years. Does this make sense? If so, I’m also wondering if it makes sense to change to a new Fairphone 4. I got my FP2 in 2018, so the product was already a few years old. IS it likely that I’ll be able to use the new FP4 for a longer period when I jump on it while it is new?

I’m curious for any thoughts or advices you might have!

Kind regards,

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