Change from FP1 to FP3 - some more problems

Slowly I am getting accustomed to the (too big!) FP3, and the new android system (hoping for an alternative OS sometime!), and some things are not running smoothly yet that went well on FP1. (my FP1 is google-free and I have deactivated as many google-apps etc. on FP3 as possible. )

  • I use 2 sim cards. I used the preference “ask every time” for text message and for calls on FP1. Now on FP3 I have to enter this every time new, because the moment I deactivate one of the sim* cards this preference gets lost, so I accidently call / text with the wrong sim card. Anybody else got the same problem?.
    Also, with FP1 I could see quite big with which sim card I was calling because of the colour, here I don’t see it.

  • Is really no FM radio possible with FP3 or have I just not found the proper app for it? (the one I use on FP1 is not available any more?)

  • I tried non-google QKSMS for text messages, but with that I could not send pictures / MMS, and also when I got a text from someone new / not in my addresses I just got the notification but then could not see / find the text any more. Now I am back with the (probably google) standard text message app.

  • So far not able to sync my addresses, calendar and tasks with computer any more (with German secure mail provider posteo and Davdroid), - does anybody else use posteo mail and is maybe successfull?

thank you!

I sync successfully with Posteo using CardDAV-Sync and CalDAV-Sync. Maybe the free versions will work too.

Sending SMS/MMS works well with Signal.

Non-google QKSMS for text messages is just what it says for text messages.
With this app you can only send text, so no pictures, no MMS.
I no longer use QKSMS. I also had trouble with messages after seeing a notification.
For text messages I use SMSDroid, very minimalistic layout.

It seems there’s currently no FM radio available for FP3.


You might want to check out
Settings -> Network & Internet -> SIM
Then tap on “SIM 1” and “SIM 2” (the name, not the slider) to assign color and name to every SIM. Can’t realy check, if this applies to call-screen too (I’m using the lineage call app and only one SIM), but at least after a reboot, when requesting for PIN the SIM-Symbol is colored accordingly.

thank you! (didn’t see that)


hm, but it does offer the possibility to include a photo in a text message, so that would turn it into a sort of MMS, - only that’s not working unfortunately.

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I did that already, they have diff. colours and their resp. names, but it’s less than with FP1. There I saw the two symbols for the sim cards in the top icon line in their colours, and when i dialled a number I saw immediately with which sim because of a big coloured area (similar size to the “end call” red area). Don’t get this on FP3.

I just checked, and QKSMS did send an SMS with a photo just fine … and it’s not something proprietary, as there was no QKSMS on the other side, so I guess it’s a regular MMS. Info for the message on the other side (LineageOS stock SMS APP) says “MMS”, too.

Is there an error message or something?

Thanks. I read on posteo page that at least one of them is not free any more. I started with DAVx5, but the procedure is not working as I don’t get shown the posteo account when asked which account I want to sync. I’ll start from scratch again according to the posteo instructions, - should I encounter the same problems could I perhaps contact you again, via DM?

it was something like “didn’t send, tap to try again” which I did, with the same negative result. when I switched back to the original preinstalled text message app it worked fine, sms and mms. but would be better to not use it, but an open-source alternative.

The Open Source messaging App from LineageOS is here, if you are comfortable with installing an APK (not from a store) …

Sure, you can contact me directly per E-Mail, my address is available on my homepage: (english or german). The setup worked very smooth in my case, so I don’t expect troubles.

I remember that sometimes I have to login with the username instead of the whole email address, e.g. … -> username

…not sure if this was necessary for CardDAV though. I suspect this is because I use the non default domain .ch instead of .de.

I’ve used posteo for almost 4 years. For synchronisation I use CalendarSync Trial and ContactSync Trial on my two Android devices. ‘Trial’ is misleading though as the free version holds for only 2 weeks. You can obtain the app through Google’s Play store or from the developer, who is extremely talented and offers great service. Definitely worth every penny.
A guided setup autofills all you need for posteo so configuration is pretty simple. You only need to enter your posteo user name and password.

I’m also using Posteo and DAVx5 on my FP3 and I get to see all my calendars and the address book.

I had to put in the full e-mail address ( and the correct password in the section “Mit URL und Benutzername anmelden” (Sign in with URL and username). Basis-URL is See here for more info:


Hi again and a happy new year to everybody!
And thank you for all the replies.

I managed to get the posteo-DAVx5-connection going, and can now sync calendar, addresses and tasks. BUT for some reason this doesn’t work via Wifi, only if I use the data connection. Any suggestions how to solve this or is it a given?

and the missing radio feature is really a shame. I use the FM radio a lot on my FP1, it’s good not to have to be online all the time. Why did they leave it out? Surely it can’t be for space reasons?

edit: and another comment: I liked it better in the FP1 that the on/off switch is on the top and the louder-switch on the side. Now both are on the side, and when just reaching for them it’s a bit more difficult. Not a problem, only less comfortable.


Just tested this in another context: when you press the power button (on the side unfortunately) really long, 10 sec. plus, it doesn’t switch off the phone - like it did with the FP1 - but reboots it.
Why are the Fairphone people making it so difficult to switch the phone off completely? I really miss the automatic switch off-switch on timer (with the alarm obviously still working in switched off mode). That seemed like part of the FP concept: Don’t have the phone on 24/7, use the peace of mind and automatic switch off-mode and enjoy life and have less electro smog exposure. Seems they completely dropped this concept in the big FP3. What a shame.

Pressing the power button for 2-3 seconds and then selecting “Power off” is much faster than pressing power for 10 seconds. And it is not difficult at all.

Electro smog? You can’t escape that anyway in the so-called civilized world, so what. I understand that you miss your old FP1’s features, man is a creature of habit.

But a shame? Come on. It is a shame that Donald Trump is allowing landmines again. This is just a new phone that behaves differently. Get used to it.

Best wishes,


there is no reason to react in such a way to my post (which you apparently didn’t understand completely). Different people have different opinions, - why do you find it so hard to tolerate that and not put them down?

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it was not my intention to be rude. And I wrote " I understand that you miss your old FP1’s features" - that’s not putting down, sorry.

What part do you think I did not completely understand, btw?