Cell brodcast language configure?

In the last few days I have received a cell broadcast warning. On my FP3 the warning text was displayed in English. On my wife on another smartphone the warning came in German. Can I set this somewhere on the FP3? The system language of my FP3 is German. I have the Android Version 13 / 5. August 2023

Hi Istler,
The only thing in the way of config I can see on my FP3 is which kind of messages you do or don’t want to receive.
The path: open your messages app, click on the ‘account’ (top right, not the hamburger menu top left), select ‘messages settings’, select ‘advanced’, select ‘Wireless emergency alerts’.

Maybe check if your wife’s phone has different settings? (if her phone is of a different brand, the messages app may have been customised a bit - please be aware that you can download a different messages app from the Play store and it will probably become the new client for cell broadcasts as well).

Hi Dryhte,

thanks for your hints, but I have only a problem with the language of cell broadcast message, which I received. It is not the kind of message type. And the language is configured to automatic / German in the messages app…

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