Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

Hi Donsemann, i don’t think they will create one. :frowning:
I have found a case on Amazon that I will try out. I will report back. Unless someone already tried this one.


Any news here? It’s so pretty and I’d totally like to order one, too :relaxed:

I still have the case. It is very big though so I need to be careful when it is in my jeans front pocket when I bend to pick something from the floor or tie my shoes. :slight_smile:
It is noticeably bigger in the case.
Secondly, the sticky part on the flap started to come apart after a couple of weeks. It doesn’t look so nice but since it still closes, I am sticking with it. I could ask the manufacturers to fix this cosmetic problem.
The case however does a very good job of protecting my phone screen. :slight_smile:


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Here is a link to the product on Amazon. Unfortunately, it seems they are out of stock, but I guess they would make more if people expressed interest.

As both my husband’s and my screens have broken in the past few weeks wish hadn’t believed that the included case is enough to withstand falls and wondering if anyone has managed to find an otterbox type or a flip open type cover. Neither of us want the sleeve type.

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Thanks @Akiro , but I can see a small gap between protector and case in your photo.

I do have a tiny (millimetres or less) gap, but it hasn’t seemed to be an issue. (Of course, the gap is larger in some places now that my case has started deforming! :broken_heart:)

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I have for my two Fairphones this which is really nice fitted and quite easy to mount.

I’ve got a question and hope someone can help. I bought a new screen protector as the first one I bought was obviously no good and is pretty much worn now. I already once had a protector form atFoliX and was pleased with its durability and overall quality, so I bought it:

Now I realised, that the new protector misses one opening in the far left in comparison to the other protector I currently have on my phone. I wonder what’s the use of the fourth “hole” in the protector and couldn’t find out.
Right: camera
middle: speaker
left 1: proximity sensor
left 2 (left to left 1): ???

Can someone help?

Interesting that there are several materials to choose from (click the images)
I now bought this variant:

I will report back when i have tried it.

Another alternative

I was also thinking about but it have much higher price and I do not know where to look for a serious technical comparison.

Actually i would prefer a flip case, but then a really slim and easy to handle one.

I’ve got a slimline one that came with the fairphone 2, but to protect the screen when it’s in my handbag (including from fluff), I’ve just ordered a case made from upcycled rubber inner tubes, which is made to measure if you supply the dimensions : :slight_smile:

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Have now used it a few days: The FX-Shock-Antireflex 2 Panzerfolie is really nice. Easy to put on without bubbles, and looks great (i like it non-mirror style)

Today bought the Black leather Valenta Pocket Classic Size 35, which is designed to fit the Sony Xperia Z2 as well, which is close in size. Purchased it a Mediamarkt NL. My previous Valenta sock-type pouch is still going strong after about 3 years. The fit is extremely tight (with the slim case on) I’m now stretching it a bit by sticking both the FP2 and a pencil in the pouch.

One issue I have, is that the Fairphone goes into some kind or reboot mode in the pouch, perhaps because multiple buttons are pressed. I hope this will go once the pouch is stretched :sweat:

Although after a few days I grew more fond of the regular Fairphone 2 bumper case than I was in the beginning, I still wanted to have the phone in the slim case, and I wanted to have a flip case around it. I found flip cases for the Fairphone 2 to be not as easy to find as I hoped, but I managed to check out two of them now:

Not very surprisingly a very good fit from the start is this Fairphone 2-tailored case from, and they have other colours for this case and other types of cases, too, which I didn’t check.

I can also confirm that this generic case I got via eBay would indeed work for the Fairphone 2. However, initially it would be a very tight fit, I guess it could use a little widening of the “hinge” part at the bottom of the phone first. It’s sold as being leather though, so probably it would adapt a little by itself over time … I will keep it as a spare.

P.S.: I’m not affiliated with any of the sellers :wink: .


The original screen protector foil came off when I tried to put on the back cover for the first time, so I looked for an alternative on the internet and found a cheap airglass screen protector for the Fairphone (<6€). You get it even for a little cheaper on Amazon.

It arrived quickly and without any further shipping costs from Germany to the Netherlands and it was surprisingly easy to put onto the screen. I did not have any air bubbles or dust in there and it fits very well onto the screen.
It also sticks to it well, putting the cover back on was no problem. You can hardly see any difference with the foil, though the sensitivity of the touchscreen sometimes feels a bit reduced. I sometimes have some struggles with scrolling, or the keyboard not recognizing every letter I type.
Still it works and to me the extra protection is more important.

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@novski do you remember what models these codes actually map to? If I search for “GXN-B6606” or “M14-B6606” I get nothing, but your photo suggests you got the BROTECT Matte and the Vikuiti MySunshadeDispaly matte (DQCM30) — I guess the privacy one you got was the Vikuiti MyPrivateDisplay (GXN800)?

So I’ve got a DO NOT BUY recommendation: the “upscreen® Scratch Shield Clear Premium Screen” from protectionfilms24. I’ve been buying screen protectors from p24 for seven or eight years now, maybe longer, and have always been pretty satisfied with their products. The upscreen is a total disaster. It comes with the best install kit I’ve ever seen (sticky strips to lift and reposition, a sticky pad to remove dust, an alcohol wipe, a piece of plastic to press the protector down, etc.) and was a joy to install.

The next time I took my 'phone from my pocket, the corner was up. Pressed back down (no dirt), then it was up again next time I took it out. Now, a couple of weeks later, I realise that the whole protector has been slowly marching across my FP2’s screen: from being perfectly centred it is now 2mm to the left, pressing against the bezel and lifting up all along the left edge as a result.

Unfortunately protectionfilms24’s support staff have been very difficult to deal with, completely ignoring everything in my emails until I started to get angry and rude at them. Disappointing.

I’ve used the Vikuiti DQCT130 (MySafeDisplay clear) and ADQC27 (MySunshadeDisplay clear) before for other devices and they did the job. Not as easy to apply though: you need a dust-free environment, so I’m well-used to the “close your bathroom door and run a hot and steamy bath” domestic clean room process at this stage. Also used CV8 (not available for FP), but that’s been less scratch-resistant than I’d like.

Might try BROTECT since it’s had so many good reviews in this thread (though people don’t seem so complimentary on Amazon).

Has anyone tried both a matte and a clear film? What do you think of matte?

What do you mean? It sounds worrying, are all FP cases supposed to be deforming with time??

Conrad, I experienced the same. I have ordered a BROTECT Airless premium, and it never reached me. They accepted to send a second one; they asked me to check the address, I asked them to give more precision and they kept replying “we can’t change the country”… I live in an island, I tried to explain that it is not a different country, it is just part of the mainland, so it is NOT like changing the country, and besides the mistake comes from their side originally… They reacted so stubborn and impolitely, they ignored my precisions, and sent it again with exactly the same address, and guess what? It didn’t reach me either! It ended up like I had to order the screen again, to another country, and ask my friend to send it to me afterwards ! So I had to pay twice, and this 2nd screen once again didn’t arrive yet!! These people are really getting on my nerves, they are so rude, and obviously they don’t even know how to write an address on an envelope ! I recommend you to avoid this company !

They were not supposed to, but the former regular cases do that after a too short amount of time. That’s why Fairphone discontinued them and now only offer the new slim cases which don’t have this problem.

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OK, thank you… Unfortunately I have a regular case… :tired_face:
So if you’re using a case protection, does it help?