Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

Today I attached the screen protector (BROTECT AirGlass, see It comes with assemby instructions, but without cleaning cloth, dust removal stickers or card to attach (I used a credit card instead).
At the beginning I had some difficulties because the instructions only talk about one cover film to be removed before putting the protector onto the screen. Actually, both sides of the protector are covered with a film, but only one of them (the “top” one) has a strap, the on on the side to be attached to the screen does not have a strap. So I removed the wrong cover film first and it took me a few minutes to find out about the film on the other side and how to remove it. Having this solved, putting the protector onto the screen without air bubbles worked like a charm.

So IMO the scope of delivery and assembly instructions are clearly below average (based on my experiences with different screen protectors for some Samsung phones).
The ease of assembly (esp. in regards to avoidance of air bubbles) ist absolutely fine.
The protector fits very well, with no visible gap between protector and case.

Of course i cannot tell anything about protection function or durability (besides that everything is still fine after 15 minutes :slightly_smiling:).