Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

I got a Mitch 10 based on @Pete_Kingsley 's post and given how snug a fit it is I’m pretty sure I would’ve had to send a Mitch 6 back. No rattling at all, in fact there’s definitely still some effort involved to get it in and out.

In the end I went with a matte brotect screen protector as well, I had a bit of trouble putting it on because while the “no air bubbles under the screen” thing is beautiful, somehow I’d managed to put it on at just the height so that the rubber edge would push up one of the corners when I put the back cover back on. Required some fiddling but now it’s all set and I’m very happy with it (and there’s just a hair’s width of a gap). Found out yesterday though that barcodes shown on the phone couldn’t be read (by someone with a handheld scanner at a cinema) - I’m guessing that’s due to it being matte now…


Just ordered a BROTECT AirGlass screen protector (Links:,, should arrive at the weekend. I’ll give an update when I received it.

Has anyone experience with this model from Vikoo (

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For everybody who’s interested in a flip cover case, this one might be worth a look:ülle-Standfunktion/dp/B014AMB60Q/ref=pd_bxgy_23_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0HDH3EKSFPV2C64K2GFJ
Don’t know any details, the concept just looked interesting on the first look.

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My Fairphone is on its way. So I already got a sleeve for it.
I choose one by Kancha. I love their philosophy and how they’re producing the products.
Plus I already got a sleeve for my tablet and i love it.


Thanks for the tip. I have just ordered one of those…

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Today I attached the screen protector (BROTECT AirGlass, see It comes with assemby instructions, but without cleaning cloth, dust removal stickers or card to attach (I used a credit card instead).
At the beginning I had some difficulties because the instructions only talk about one cover film to be removed before putting the protector onto the screen. Actually, both sides of the protector are covered with a film, but only one of them (the “top” one) has a strap, the on on the side to be attached to the screen does not have a strap. So I removed the wrong cover film first and it took me a few minutes to find out about the film on the other side and how to remove it. Having this solved, putting the protector onto the screen without air bubbles worked like a charm.

So IMO the scope of delivery and assembly instructions are clearly below average (based on my experiences with different screen protectors for some Samsung phones).
The ease of assembly (esp. in regards to avoidance of air bubbles) ist absolutely fine.
The protector fits very well, with no visible gap between protector and case.

Of course i cannot tell anything about protection function or durability (besides that everything is still fine after 15 minutes :slightly_smiling:).


I tried both the Mitch 6 and Mitch 10. I have now decided to take the Mitch 6 even though it is very tight at first. It is getting easier to use as it becomes a little bit stretched with time.
The first time I tried inserting it I thought it would not fit!
But after a few tries it became smoother.
The Mitch 10 fits better at first and there won’t be any “rattling around”, it is in now way too big for the phone.
The reason I chose the Mitch 6 is that I am a small woman, and the Mitch 10 is much longer. It looks really big on me an is a bit uncomfortable when I sit. The Mitch 6 is just a little bit longer than the FP2. When inserted the end of the FP2 is almost but not quite sticking out. If anybody would attempt to steal it there would be no way to do it without me noticing because as of now you still need a bit of force to get it in and out.
My conclusion:
Both the Mitch 6 and the Mitch 10 work. The Mitch 10 is the smoother fit but if you need a shorter solution you can make the Mitch 6 work as well.


Today, I also put on an BROTECT AIRGLASS screen protector without any problems! It fits perfectly. It goes to the case rim but not under it.
I hat to remove only one cover, I didn’t find an other one. Instruction was okay.
I orderd by
Service was good, delivery in a simple envelope, so no problems with custom and taxes (Switzerland).
I also orderd Vikutii protectors.


Beginning of this week I picked up my Mitch 10 from my local store (in red). I really like it, my FP2 fits well into it without being loose and I find it quite comfortable to carry on the belt. Thanks to @vowi for pointing me to Feuerwear in the first place!

I just got my Fairphone 2 in the mail. Can attest to the Vikuiti screen protectors being the right fit and working well (so far)

I’m VERY interested in a flip case. Anyone have any info on that sort of thing?

Also, does anyone know if the FP2 has similar dimensions to a phone more commonly sold? If so, one might be able to buy a Krusel case

which would be exactly what I’m looking for.

Sorry for the delay, but always welcome!!!:sunglasses:

I have bought this one

and it fits nicely to the FP2. With the strap it’s easy tu pull out so you don’t need to touch the screen. Seems good quality. Quick delivery as well…


Thanks for putting the photo up Akiro, that helped! I’ve just ordered one of these too :slight_smile:

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where can i get a fp2 etui so that i can use the camera without taken the fp2 off the etui?

I ordered 2 different types of protective foils from disagou and both don’f fit preceise. The shape in total is ok but the front-camera is 1mm to much right.

both dont fit:
Golebo Blickschutzfolie schwarz für Fairphone 2 #bs6572 9.95
Golebo Displayschutzfolie Semi-Matt für Fairphone 2 #xm6572_2 3.95

I also ordered the ones from and whant to give you a feedback.
I ordered these products:
M14-B6606 - Matting foil for 3.99
M30-B6606 - Matting foil from 3M for 12.99
GXN-B6606 - Privacy Protector for 11.99

M14-B6606 fits perfect and has abolutely a good touch and view.
M30-B6606 same. and i also doubt that its different in any kind. Here is a photo of
M14-B6606 & M30-B6606 over eachother…

The cuts and shape ar so similar that its just imposibule that its not out of the same machine… maybe its realy different material but… :wink:
The GXN-B6606 - Privacy Protector i haven’t tested yet but it seams to fit as it has the same shape…
Regards, Novski


Hi everyone,

does anyone know a seller of metal-bumpers?
My phones always have a severe problem with gravity and bumpers made of metal extremely helped them to survive. :grinning:
I only found these for the “usual suspects”…


Hi everyone, I saw the Otterbox case for the Iphone and was thinking of getting something like this for my fairphone. Unfortunately, they don’t have a Fairphone case yet.

The standard case that ships with the fairphone is quite good, but I dropped my phone last week and the screen broke.
I think it’s because the case was deforming at the volume keys area.

I’ve now ordered and received a new screen unit, but I want to wait till i have a better case before i put the screen on.

Let me know your thoughts about strong protective cases. I prefer not to use a flip case or a wallet type or sock type ones since my last screen broke when the device was in use.

Hi! I’m new and I wanna go & buy a Fairphone. I happen to often drop my phone so I really need a good case for protection, preferably foldable like a booklet.
On the website I see case designs for FP1 and FP1U, that don’t fit the FP2.
Is there isn’t a FP2 case yet, are there any other cases for other Androids maybe thay also fit the FP2?