Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

I and another person already contacted the designer. But for any reason he does not reply. :frowning:

As the bumper is flexible I would be really suprised should it fix for the FP2 with regular cover only.

You’re right, it might fit to a variety of phones. However, the first one I posted has a number of drawbacks according to criticism onamazon. First, it is said to be too elastic and too thin and second, it has no slit for USB and buttons.

Some weeks ago, there have been same 3D-printed cases on the shop.fairphone/accessories page. Now I cannot find them any more. Is it known why they aren’t offered any more?

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Hi, I have a Fairphone2 from Phone Co-op. I’m getting to know it and very happy with it generally. However I am worried that the screen already seems to be looking scratched. I have not managed to find a cover/case that fits, although I have bought a tempered glass screen protector (to stick on, not done yet) that is more or less the right size. Is something like this recommended, or is there a better option? I have also bought a purse to put my phone in as I guess that jangling around in my bag or pocket was not helping much. The ‘case’ on offer on this website is what my phone already has, so perhaps it is robust enough generally, but I don’t want the screen to get all scratched. Any good solutions to all this? Thanks

I think there are several screen protection hammer glasses on amazon, but I don’t use them and my screen is almost not scratched after almost two years :slight_smile:

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Did you already take the protection foil off? Here’s why I ask :wink: .

Edit after move: Just have a look at the posts in this topic here.


Oh, that’s hilarious - it is true I had not taken off the foil protection! It was really non-obvious. Thanks for checking :blush:


Hi! What about a cover to protect FP2 during travels? Do you know where could I buy It?

Hello together,

I just ordered a FP2 on ebay (after my Ubuntu Phone died by broken hardware last september (screen became unglued) and the Nexus phone I’ve used now broke down also …

I am quite excited to soon join the Fairphone community. I wanted to ask about your experiences which accessories make sense to protect the fairphone and make it last longer.

  • I didn’t see a phone case on the Fairphone website. Is there no need for it? My old BQ Ubuntu Phone had a case with flip-cover which effectively protected the screen from scratches and protected the phone somehow when it fell down (but I already read that the Fairphone has a “rubber” like case to protect from falls).
  • Is a screen protection foil for the phone recommendable?
  • I got the slim case now, as I read that the transparent case is not produced anymore. Is there a shop where you can still get the transparent case?

Thank you for your answers. :slight_smile:


  • The phone comes with a case-like shell with a back side and knob-colour of your choice. The newer ones come with a so called slim case, the older ones had a rubber shell.
  • I don’t use a screen protection foil. Neither for Fairphone, nor for any previous phone. Never needed it. I don’t know under which circumstances of e.g. scratching it becomes useful.
  • The transparent case is not available as slim case (except if you mean the translucent-darkblue one). I don’t know if this is still produced. You can also print your own case if you want.

The transparent covers were not exactly durable, as the black rubber-like rim and the transparent back used to come apart after some time of use. I would not recommend buying one, should you happen to find one (I myself had 2 that needed to be replaced within less than a year).
As @Amber already mentioned, you can 3D-print your cover like @oli.sax:
When it comes to possible cases, you might want to take a look at this thread:

I found a cover case on the internet: Smart Magnet case Fairphone 2 (4.7 x 5.3 inch)
It suits quite well.

Hi there,
I have an external case from Fairphone but I’m afraid it is not solid enough if my phone falls down and I don’t want to take the risk. I’m running with my phone, working, travelling, and the chance of letting it drop is high, nor only on the back but what about it falling on the side?!
So I would like to buy an extra case (from a store or the internet in rubber, silicone or so) but I don’t find any good ones for the size of the FP2. Does anyone has any good ones to recommend?
Thank you.

Just moved your request here, as it seems to me, you might find the answer or rather an option of your liking here.
There are quite a few covers (mostly slip cases) especially for the FP2.
Just scroll a bit up (e.g. posting #93).

Anyone knows if there is some splashproof/rugged case around?

Of course there are always waterproof pouches like this one from Waka-Waka:
or here on amazon

But that’s a solution, where you have to take the phone out to use it. That’s probably a good solution for the beach or to have it on you taking a swim.

Of rugged cases or even more so splash-proof cases, I would not know.
Considering the modularity of FP2 and the easy-to-open cover, those kind of cases face some real challenges.


You may also read into this topic.

Some of them may suffice your needs even when not being used on a bike.

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I just made a new case for the fairphone2. Its a flip cover/book type. I also have a sleeve/ sock for it. And I ship internationally :slight_smile:


Hey, they look very nice. :smiley: :ok_hand:

There is one thing though I have to remark:


On other people’s cover I could sometimes realize that the opening around the camera may look as a perfect match. But when taking a picture the flash light actually is still partially blocked by the cover not providing the full light shape as it would do without a cover. Users often don’t realize by themselve until I mention it and show the difference in the picture’s uneven light illumination.
This should be taken care of and if necessary corrected.

Furthermore the flash light effects an entire 360° circle.
Flatten the material around the camera may help or keeping the aperture slightly bigger than the camera part would help too.
Just an idea.


Thanks for pointing it out, you are right! As these cases are made to order, I will adjust this for the next orders!