Car Mount for FP3?

I want to buy a car mount for an FP3. It would be nice if all buttons were also accessible in the car holder and the charging cable could still be connected to the mobile phone. Are there any experiences which car holder fits best?

I bought a genetic car holder, at that time for the fp2, now I’m using it for my fp3. It’s using clamps on the side, buttons and bottom are free.

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I’ve already seen this post, but unfortunately the holder doesn’t fit on the bottom. The connection for the charging cable is partially covered.

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Even the thread about the car mounts for the FP2 could bring up some results:

The one that I have linked in that thread seems to be sold out there but might still be available somewhere else. It is so adjustable that I’m close to convinced that it’ll fit a FP3 with its non-centered USB port, too.

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I found a Car Mount for FP3 which fits perfect: VANMASS Handyhalterung Auto 2022

I’ve been using this car mount in my car for 3 months now. Despite the off-centre charging socket on the FP3, the charging cable can also be connected to the holder without any problems. The bracket is very stable and makes a durable impression. I am completely satisfied with it.


Does it fit with Case/Bumper as well?

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The side brackets are large enough to fit perfectly with or without Case/Bumper.


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