Capacitive Buttons not working anymore!


today morning I woke up to a practically unusable Fairphone, because the row of capacitive buttons (Home, Return) stopped working!
It just came out of nowhere, my phone didn’t fall or anything. It’s super annoying as once I opened an App, I can never close it and open another App, unless I restart the whole phone. So practically I can’t use it anymore.

So did anybody else expirience the same problem?
Is there any fix?
Is there something I can do about it by myself or do I have to send it in?

Thanks for your help!


the only thing I can think of is that maybe you have installed a new app wich is causing the problem. If you can’t find and uninstall an app that is causing this then you’ll probably need to contact support.

I can offer a workaround: There is a module for the Xposed Framework called “Gravity Box”. There you have the option “Navigation bar”, which creates software buttons to replace the capacitive ones.

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You could try to test the touchscreen, just to be on the safe side. In my case, the lower part of the screen (including the buttons) was not working any more. Sent my phone in, the display was replaced on warranty, which was nice. (Be sure to backup before sending in!)

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