Can't wait for the easy install version of e

Can’t wait for the easy install version of /e/OS for my fp3 no matter what I do to try and negate the intrusion of Google on to my phone they smuggle something else on to my system, I now get news report banners on my home screen, even though I thought I’d a de-googled as much as possible.

Hi Maoq, what do you think should be get easier in the instructions provided?

If we could help you to move on /e/ you don’t have to hesitate.

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I think that you unintentionally installed an app, that displays news/adds in your notification bar.

  1. Long press on the “banner” (notification) and an (i) :information_source: should appear.
  2. Click it to find out, which app is showing the notification.
  3. You should be able to uninstall the app

Screenshot of long-pressed Android notification
Screenshot of Android app information screen

PS.: Depending on the direction this topic takes, we should rename it.


Are you sure that comes from Google?

If these come as normal notifications, you can long-tap on them to see which App initiated them.

If they are just overlaying your screen, you can search in the Settings for “Display over other Apps” (in your language, or set the phone to English for this and set it back to your language afterwards) to see which Apps are allowed to do that.

If these banners come from an App you installed, you will get them on /e/, too, once you install the same App.


Thank you all for your replys will be sorting through as soon as able.

Just a question: why did you buy an Android phone?

I was quite happy with my windows phone, I had never had an android phone, I was drawn to this one because it’s the “fairphone”. I didn’t realize just how much data was being drawn off my phone. Data usage on the windows phone was minimal. I considered the Librem 5 for a long time, what made my mind up was the line stating that (I can’t remember the exact phrase) they were going to move to an open source os … Eventually. That and the whole fair traid thing.


This is EXACTLY my story :open_mouth:

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