Can't update to latest version

I can’t update to the latest version of Fairphone (19.something). I’ve tried at home and several other places with wifi (and even without) and it says that the update has started, but nothing happens. Quite often then the updater crashes.
I was hoping to get the new version as there’s several bugs that bother me, especially that I can’t download pdf-files from my mail, and all tickets and bills are on pdf.

Which revision is it specifically?

Are you already keeping the latest Fairphone updater app? Sometimes it has to be individually updated in the App store.

Maybe cleaning the apps cache may help. Clearing its data could also, whatever data is keeps here.
Perform a reboot before trying to update.

If there is no success you probably only have the long way by manually updating the OS.

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It’s the update 19.02.1. It’s the latest I got after 18.something, and I’ve been checking for updates frequently as I’m so tired of the bugs. I’ve cleared the cache and re-booted (if that’s the same as start again) and still it won’t update.

The latest update should be “Fairphone OS version 19.05.3 (Android 7.1) - 4 June, 2019”.

So you don’t have it installed (yet).

If your Fairphone updater does not offer you the latest OS update automatically it may be due to it being outdated itself and needing manual updating from e.g. the Google Play Store.
The updater version offered there actually is v1.39.9.
Once you have updated the Fairphone updater app it should again check on your installed OS version (you may also initiate the check manually) and after this offer you
the update to the latest OS version mentioned above.

This is no unusual procedure to keep your FP2 up to date, it sometimes is necessary to first (manually) update the updater app itself.

I hope this will get you further on.

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I can’t update the updater. Tried to remove it and update again and it gets stuck. Then it says that I have the latest version (that 18.something), which isn’t the latest. I’m fed up with this shit!

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