Can't update apps because not enough space

Hi everyone! I’ve got a little problem with updating my apps. It always says, that there is not enough space to do so, but there should be. It works, when I’m removing my apps from internal storage to phone storage, but I really don’t want to do that all the time, because after updating, the app is in the internal storage again and the problem continues. Does anybody have the same problem or a solution for this? Thanks :wink:

Hi @chuckyjoe do you have a Fairephone from the first batch, a FP1? If so, did you do the memory upgrade? If not, read and follow the post Software update Cherry 1.6. It helped me. Be sure to make a proper back up.


The step by step, can be found

//update by Marco// This article was replaced by a new article in our self support tool here. If you prefer the article format it can still be found here


Hey, thank you, that actually helped a lot! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I first found time now to check up on this issue. Still run on Caju, not Cherry. Cannot update, this option does not appear on my Fairphone Updater. Does not help to click “Install new version” - nothing happens. - For some months I have not had access to PLay Store, which is really annoying. The above mentioned link doea not work anymore.
Have followed all the instructions from helpdesk,but they lead me in circles.
HELP - otherwise, I finally must quit my relationshp to Fairphone, it´s simply too complicate, time-demanding and bothering.

The link does not appear to be working… On my ipad.
Still looking for so,e help as I have the same problem

Hi! You can find an explanation on how to create space for the update in this tutorial.

Installing the storage upgrade actually fixes this problem for good, although you need to backup the phone and you can only do that upgrade while on 1.6. So it’s a good time to do it :slight_smile: instructions in the new tutorial tool here.

Hope this helps!

I fixed the links to go to proper working articles now (I hope).

@ReginaMoeve - I would prefer if we could help you one on one, which we do not do in the community forum. Could you send a support ticket through If you can then send me a private message with your ticket number in the forum - I will ask one of my colleagues to help you tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience frog

Thank you, Marco! Just posted a support case: #37118 . Looking forward to contact from your colleague.

Hi there

I’ve got problems when trying to upgrade to the unified storage. When I open the Fairphone updater, i do see the fairphone os button, but i cannot select it (i am connected to a wifi network). So I cannot select the unified storage upgrade. Any hints on how to solve ths problem?



Click on it repeatedly, this sometimes solves the problem! :slight_smile:

That doesn’t work. Also when I open the updater, there is a message saying that there was a problem when downloading the config file.

Next step would be to clear the cache of the Updater app. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Fairphone Updater and press “Clear cache”. Does this help?

No. Still the same message saying that the config file could not be downloaded from

HM… I have not heard about this message so far…

You could try to manually install the Unified Storage Upgrade.

So, I manually downloaded the missing config file and cleared the cache of the updater again and then it was working. i am now installing the storage upgrader.

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Just for the record: Apparently the config file can be deleted manually.