Can't unlock SIM after reboot

I use my FP2 with a SIM at slot 1. Slot 2 is empty.
The SIM card is protected by a pin.

I installed an third party lock screen (HI Locker).

After a reboot the third party lock screen overlaps (I think so) the unlock screen for the SIM card.
The unlock of the FP2 is successful, but I did not found any way to return to the SIM unlock screen or to unlock the SIM otherwise.

Now I’m using the workaround and use the SIM card without a pin.

I have the same problem with Locker Master, but I would rather not switch off the pincode protection. Any ideas for another work around?

Could it be the Privacy Impact?

It might be, but I never switched it on/of for this app (I didn’t get the question). How can I check this?

Have a look here

I unchecked the Privacy Impact box, but the problem is persistent. At the moment I only see 2 options: disabling the pin protection (like bathel did) or uninstalling the app. Any other ideas?

A later update of Hi Locker fixed that for me.
It was a known issue of Hi Locker.

But I’m don’t using Hi Locker anymore since the last Faiphone OS Update.

Thanks for the info!
I 'll see if Locker Master can also fix this problem and will keep you posted.

Apparently they think it’s not the problem of LockerMaster. I’ ll guess another locker app might fix the problem.