Cant turn on my phone

I can press any key as long as I want but nothing happens.
It doesnt even react to remote mode.
it also doesnt react to energy when I put in the charge cabel.
Is there anything else I can do ?

Try this:

  • Take out the battery
  • Put it on a smooth surface and see if you can spin it
  • If so, your battery started bloating! Don’t put it back in the phone but contact support
  • If not go on:
  • Press the power button a few times with the battery still removed to get rid of static stored in the power button
  • Plug the phone in the charger
  • Put the battery back in

If nothing happens (the led doesn’t light up to signal the phone is charging) it could still be a defunct battery or another hardware problem.
If you know someone else with a Fairphone try to see if you can start your phone with their battery. Do this with all Sim Cards and SD Card removed to make sure it’s not their fault.

Batteries are sold out in the spare parts shop atm (?), but maybe the Support team held some batteries back for warranty issues.

I have the same problem.
Suddenly my phone stopped.
And now I can not turn it on. It starts normally until the blue fairphone screen… and it stops… it fix a blue screen…
I reboot many times and it is the same thing…

Have you an idea ?
Somebody can’t help me ?

Thanks you !

How did you reboot (and can you access recovery)? The Fairphone support team has an article on rebooting the phone from recovery: Fairphone 1 does not reboot - “Frozen State”. Apparently this has a different effect than powering the phone off an on again (as they start by doing that).
Also, If you:

  • Have access to recovery, and
  • Have backups of your data (or don’t mind losing data), and
  • Don’t mind reconfiguring your phone and restoring backups

… then you can also try to perform a hard-reset (beware: this will delete your data) from recovery, as explained here: How to perform a Hard Reset on my Fairphone 1.

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Hey :slight_smile: Thanks fort your reply :smile:
I tried spinning the battery, it just worked out for 1-2 Times…
So I think the battery ins’t bloating .

I tried the other things also but it didn’t worked out…
Should I now send my Phone into repair?

Contact Support through this contact form, they will tell you what to do