Can't turn off notification vibrations in FP Open

I switched to FP Open OS with open Gapps pico a few days ago. Everything works fine, except my notification settings. In most apps (mail, whatsapp, signal messenger etc.) I turned the vibration for notifications off. But my phone still vibrates when I get a notification for one of these apps. Before I switched to FP Open, I had this problem as well, but only for Signal Messenger. As far as I know, all my settings are exactly the same as in FP OS. I’ve tried switching the settings on and off again, clearing the cache of all the apps but nothing worked. I would really like my phone to stop vibrating constantly because it makes a lot of noise. Any help would be appreciated:)

When you press VOL- or VOL+, you can choose the “Priority” mode. I think this is what you are looking for. It disables notifications (sound & vibration) for all apps except those you chose (default is IIRC calendar and alarms).

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That works, thank you! I still don’t get why the settings are different in the different OS’s (I never used the priority setting in the regular OS), but I’m happy it’s fixed.:slight_smile:

I don’t think they are different between FPOS and FPOOS; in fact I’m using FPOS :wink: