Can't take off display assembly

Today I wanted to switch my camera module but I discovered that I cannot move one of the two blue switches to take off the screen.
Does anyone know what I can do about this?

Hi Klara,
try to move carefully the display up and down, when it still close.
Maybe something is stuck. Then try again carefully to remove the display.
Here is a movie from fairphone
Good Luck !

It looks like a double post but now in English.

The mechanism for taking off / unlocking the screen is still the same, no difference between languages.

Btw. don’t forget the lubrication smiley

Folks, I think you are missing Klara’s point. It’s about the blue clips at the bottom end of the display-/core-module. One of these is stuck. This is not the usual “the display just won’t slide off” issue.

But let’s see, maybe the issue is gone in the meantime (and then we can come up with the usual routine again :wink: )

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Yeah, sorry but I thought writing it in English too would increase the chance of helpful advice (can you blame me? ^^).
Just to be clear, I do know how to remove the screen, I’ve done it quite some times but the problem lies with the clips. I’m just going to go to a phone shop tomorrow, maybe they can help.
But nevertheless, thank you :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. And the problem was that my display already slide a bit down so that the blue clip stucks.
-> Sicher ist sicher ! :wink:


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