Can't submit support cases

Hi. I’ve filled out the form at, but when I press Submit at the bottom, the page just reloads and takes me back to the top. Same thing in both Firefox and Chrome.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

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Did you see the “reCaptcha”(?) field at the end and filled it? My browser just didn’t show it because my NoScript-Addon from Firefox blocked the needed Google server for this to work.
I already asked the Fairphone support, if there is no better solution for checking if I’m human, than using a Google service.

same thing happened to me, it’s not the recaptcha it’s just a buggy form and very frustrating. try

Happened to me as well. However, I received a confirmation email. So at least for me it worked despite looking like it didn’t…

It’s actually. Support tickets get created automatically this way, but they are not yet categorized and need some more handiwork.

I suffered this and the problem was the Phone unique identifier (serial number/IMEI1) field. Check if you are providing the valid one.


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