Can't start TWRP


Using the FP2 with open OS, I wanted to make a backup (as recommended before installing opengapps). I read that TWRP is supposed to be installed by default and that I can update it doing:

  • Put the TWRP .img file you want to install on the internal storage or SD card.
  • Start TWRP by keeping volume up and power pressed for 10s or so during power on. If you boot it for the first time, it asks to enable write permission for the system partition, which is not needed for updating TWRP.
  • Select Install

I rebooted with volume up but then I see nothing like “write permission” or even “TWRP” or “install”… Only the reboot, Reboot to bootloader, apply update, wipe, run graphic tests…

Did I do something wrong??? Does that mean it is not installed?

Thanks for help!

Most likely you have the most recent Fairphone OS / Open OS 19.11.2 on your phone. This most recent update removed TWRP from the Fairphone 2.

You can either re-install TWRP following the instructions from Lineage. An alternative way is a downgrade to Fairphone (Open) OS 19.08.1 – however, that comes with a complete loss of data so it’s probably not an option for you.


Or use TWRP’s own instructions …

Or boot TWRP when you need it without installing it, see #twrpwoflashing.


True! And that explain why I can’t find TWRP!
Thanks for your answer, i’ll try it this week-end. The tutorials seem very clear, that should work easily :slight_smile:

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