Can't send MMS...... (too short title)

Didn’t find a topic which solved this, and the ones concerning MMS seem to be a bit old.
I’m having big troubles with MMS, I can’t send at all. I have a Fairphone 2 and I’m using Textra, but I’ve tried other text apps too, without any difference. My service provider is the Swedish Comviq. I’ve tried with smaller size images, but it doesn’t seem to differ. In older posts it’s been referred to settings in ‘Privacy Impact’, which I can’t even find in the settings (I also tried changing to English, in case it’s difference in translation).

Ok, now it works. Don’t know what solved it - I was in contact with the service provider (Comviq) and we fiddled with the network settings, but really didn’t get an answer to the roots of the problem. But then, after having tried the sim card in another phone, I took out my second sim card (which I hardly use) and now it works! It might be the case that the dual sim creates some difficulties…

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