Can't select a category when posting (is it just me?)

When I’m in the latest view and want to create a new topic it doesn’t work, because I can’t select a category. When I tap on the category selector instead of seeing the list of categories I get a white screen.
So I have to select a category first before clicking on “new topic”.

Does that happen to others too? I’m on Ubuntu 17.10 with Firefox 58.0. On mobile it works.

No issue here:

PS.: I’m still on Firefox 57.0.4. Will test in a moment when FF 58 is downloaded.

Edit: No problem in FF 58 either.

@paulakreuzer Press F12, select “Console” and find out whether there are any suspicious (error) messages when you try to create a topic in the Latest view.

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Well while the console is visible this issue doesn’t happen, so …

Ok at least I now know that it’s any issue that only happens to me and it’s not the only Firefox issue I’m having - so I think I’ll take this to a different forum.