Can't save pictures (Error with SD card, No SD card in FP3)

Hi everyone

I have a strange error message since yesterday. I can’t take pictures anymore. I selected to save the pictures on the phone and I have no SD card installed. Even though I get this message(see screenshot).

Thank you for your help!

Hi A couple of things
a) The internal SSD memory is often inappropriately called the SD card
b) Once the onboard memory gets below approx 4 to 5Gb the processor doesn’t have enough ‘swap’ memory to temporarily store pictures on.

If you can access System, try and remove some old data/media etc and clear the caches of as many apps as as you can bothered to do, especially maps/whatsapp/message/phone logs etc. Hopefully you will find you can take pictures again.

Then get an SD card, 256Gb maybe, and format it as Portable storage, do not be tempted to format as Internal. Once you have a removable, unencrypted, SD card move all of your media to it and set up the camera to store on the SD card.

Storing on the SD card for the camera is slightly slower, so if you are in a snappy hurry, sure keep the camera storing on the SSD but as soon as possible move the images to the SD card.


Thank you very much. I saw that I have 90% of memory used which is a suprise for me.
But a lot of it is cache. I deleted some like you recomended.

Just to understand what is Cache and what happens if I delet it.

What about other data for an app. For example the one I have put as a screenshot. It’s for combining screenshots to a longshot.
What is this part “Nutzerdaten” is like “User data”?

Thank you very much for your help

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User data are e.g. settings/passwords etc… and cache is the same as on your computer, items saved by cookies etc, needed to run the app for example…just in very short, the internet will probably give you more details and explanations for both

Edit: das beschreibt es finde ich ganz gut…
Anwendung Browser (Bestes Beispiel für Cache und Daten)
Cache: Speicher um den nächsten Zugriff auf die Website schneller durchführen zu können.
Daten: z.b. eingegebene Formulardaten (Benutzername, Passwort, Einstellungen im Browser,…)


Besten Dank, ja das hat geholfen!

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