Can't recieve (but send) MMS

I had some problems sending and recieving MMS but after some tinkering I can at least send MMS. I uninstalled all apps since they might be in conflict with each other, and I realised that there is some kind of outbox buffer that became full when I was unable to send the messages.

However, now I’m using Mood SMS app which I really like, and I can also successfully send MMS. However, I can’t download the MMS that I recieve. Can anyone help?

Operator: Halebop

APN settings:

Namn: Halebop MMS
Proxy, port: none
Användarnamn: mms
Lösenord: telia
Server: none
MMSC: http://mmss/
MMS-port: 8080 (fungerar även med port 80)
MCC: 240
MNC: 01
Autentsieringstyp/Verifieringstyp: PAP
APN-typ: mms
APN-protokoll: IPv4
APN-protokoll vid roaming: IPv4
Bärare, MVNO-typ, MNVO-värde: none

For some operators MMS can only be downloaded if you’re connected to their mobile data network (which means that you might not receive MMS on Wifi or when your mobile data connection is on the other SIM).

It’s working now. I was connected to the correct network but I’m not sure why it was failing since my method for troubleshooting wasn’t very structured… I have however two theories for the root cause:

  1. The outbox became full since I was trying to send too many mms with the wrong settings. (

  2. Serveral installed messaging apps caused conflict which made me able to send but not recieve.

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