Can't make or receive calls

So, I just got another problem with my phone…
I’ve just been changing both my top an bottom module, because my headset connector broke and the microphone stopped working. When I was talking to someone on the phone they could not hear me unless I put on the speaker.

The mic is now working good and I can plug in my headset again, but I can’t receive or make calls all the time, I tried switching the SIM to the other slot, checking the mobile network settings, just made the newest update and restarted the phone countless times, but without success.

Any clues on what the heck is going on now with my dear phone? :sweat:

Is it perhaps this issue? …

Or … In what way are you unable to make or receive calls?
Does the Dialer App crash?
Is the Button for starting/ accepting a call not reacting?
Is there an error message?

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Yes, it’s exactly like what is described there.
So is there a solution for this problem? :no_mouth:

That was the end of the other topic, and you did this already, so …

What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build Number now after you updated?

This is what it says, and I guess that is the latest update?

Yes, so the update went through, too.

I’m lacking ideas here. Time for fairphoneangels to have look at it in person or time to contactsupport I would say.

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