Can't make or receive any calls

Since Wednesday morning this week I have not been able to make or receive any calls on my FP3. It started out of nowhere. My sim card works perfectly in my partner’s phone and calling works just fine there. When the sim card is in my FP3 mobile data works perfectly, calling does not. This is the same for both sim slots. When someone tries to call me, they get the notification that I’m not available (which is not true). I don’t get any notifications during or after the call. When I try to call people it usually rings but either they can’t hear me or the call is ended as soon as they pick up.
I have checked the settings concerning calls, which seem to be fine, the sim card is detected by the phone, I have restarted it several times and the phone is up to date.
This bothers me a lot - the problem has existed for more than 60 hours now…

Does anyone else experience this or have any advice for me?


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