Can't hear caller unless on speaker

Hi all,

I have actually the same problem as in the following chat:

I can’t hear the other person on the line unless I put him on speaker or use headsets.
I made the troubleshooting test and everything on the audio/mic tests is working. In safe mode, the problem is still there.
Calls via WhatsApp/Signal ar not working but I can hear voice messages.

I have the problem for more than 6-7 months, got already a new phone but the problem is still the same.
Only a factory reset helps but after the next update, the problem pops up again.

I’m using Android 12
Software SP1Y.B.0041
My Sim card is not older than 1 month

Any ideas?


Hi and welcome to the community forum, TomBlue.

Could you indicate which app you are using for calls, the standard “Phone” or some other?

Unfortunately in the topic you cite (which certainly sounds similar), we never heard the end of the story, but it’s likely @Madina_Khabibulina 's phone was replaced. Maybe she and / or @Yme_Quispel will tell us about it.

Strange. A factory reset will wipe all the user’s data and return settings to their default values. I don’t see why performing an OS update would cause a problem unless it was bugged, but lots of other users would have reported the problem in that case, and anyway you speak as though every new update re-creates the problem.

If you’re still experiencing the problem after receiving a replacement phone then either you’re very unlucky, or I would think the problem is coming from some app or setting that you are using.

See also following topics:

Hi OldRoutard,

thanks a lot for your thoughts!

Yes I’m using the standard phone app. I also de-and reinstalled it already.

I checked the threads you linked here, at the end users changed the phone and thread was closed. I’m already in contact with the support team, lets see what are the next steps.

Besides the updates, it appeared also that from one day to another I had no audio on calls.

You’re right I think also that some app or setting interferce but should this case not covered in the “safe mode” test? I have here also the problem of no audio on calls.


Yes, I haven’t seen any other solution for this problem. It’s fairly rare as far as I can see, which also points to something corrected by the manufacturer. Maybe a bug in some chip that can’t be solved any other way.

Yes indeed it should. That’s the main thing that’s unusual in these cases, and it’s why I think you’ll probably have to send the phone back.

From what you’ve indicated so far, I would say the only alternative is to make sure you have a full up-to-date backup (easiest is to use Google), do a factory reset and then restore (possibly less of a nuisance than sending back the phone but that’s your decision of course).

Just for the records: I experienc exactly the same issue with Android 12 as well. The self test shows that the hardware itself works fine - just during calls it does not work. Since it also does not work with alternative phone apps and also not in Signal, maybe some strange bug in the system triggers this behaviour.

After I did a factory reset, the earpiece works again in calls - hopefully this will stay this way, because doing a factory reset is really a p**n in the a*. The Google backup feature is only partly helpful since it will not restore things like Nextcloud account settings, DAVx5 etc. and my bank asks me to re-enroll the banking app after a factory reset using a QR code which has to be requested again every time via postal service to my home address.

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No - factory reset did not solve the problem permanently :frowning: It returned after a while. Now I opened a support ticket and will have to wait…

Ok, was my mistake… Can't hear the other side during calls - #7 by askaaron

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@TomBlue @Yme_Quispel @Madina_Khabibulina

RE this thread and No sound when calling

You may be interested to hear that a problem similar to yours, in which the distant caller could not be heard in phone calls on the earpiece, but could be heard on the speaker, was found by askaaron to originate with an incorrect setting in the Phone app.

See askaaron’s link in post #7 above.

This can help a lot of users.
Unfortunately, I sent my phone already back to service.
I still don’t understand why it changes the setting by itself.
I don’t think that a user accidentally ends up in this option and changes it.

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