Can't hang up - screen stays on "Hanging up"

Hi there,

Recently I have been having problems hanging up on the Fairphone 2. The call cuts out (which might be related), I then press the hang up button and the screen then says “Hanging up” but never actually hangs up. The only way to actually hang up is to take the battery out, which is very tiresome.

Is there a solution?

Not a solution, but at least a better way than taking out the battery: Hold the power button for a very long time (12 seconds) to force a restart.


You could also configure you power button by option to be used to end a call as well.
Most apps and also system apps keep a (data) cache. Clearing this could fix this problem.
Unfortunately when actually calling I could not clearly make out which app/process was finally doing the call. It could be the dialer, but I am not sure about this. He could also just trigger more background system tasks which actually startup the calling sequence.

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