Can't get my contacts back

This is all very nice, but what should I do to get my contacts back? Restarting the phone doesn’t help, changing the sim’s place neither… I can fill the contact form, but right now, I can’t use my phone because I don’t have my contacts anymore… any short term solutions?

I moved your post here as your profile says you have an FP2, so posting in an old FP1 bug report topic is not a good choice.

Could you elaborate a bit. What do you mean by “get contacts back”? Where are they/were they before? Since when don’t you have them anymore? What happened in between?


do you mean your contacts that are stored on your SIM card?
Maybe you can try to deactivate that Google manages the contacts. Or you can import your local contacts to your Google account.

I got the same problem as Amandine. From one day to the other all my contacts stored on my phone store (not Google not sim) where gone, without any reason. I made a backup of all Folders on my phone, (alarms, android, dcim etc.) on my home pc. Does someone know in which folder or file my contacts are stored so that i would be able to put them back to my phone?