Can't get incoming calls or notification and people who dial my no hear 2 bells and than busy

Hello there I have a big problem with my phone,
If someone try to call me I don’t get any notification at all. When I try to call my number on the android phone from my other phone I hear 2 Bells than busy. I have tried everything my sim is OK my network is good my settings are fine as far as I know one more thing I can call from this phone

I have this problem as well. I can’t receive incoming calls. This happens quite often, and then suddenly it’s fine again. Reboot of the phone doesn’t make a difference. When I look at the cellular network, it looks like it is not connected to any network. When I choose a network it registers on that network, and then disappears immediately again. I’m missing a lot of calls, both personal and work-related, since I can’t even see that people tried to call me.
Can anybody help me out here?

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