Can't find the app where I can edit contacts


If I tap on a contact using the People or the Phone Dialler apps, I don’t get any option to edit it.

Also, I can’t find the People app in the list that shows up when you tap on “Manage apps” (Settings > Apps > All), whereas there are the following apps: Contacts, Contacts Storage and Phone (but I can launch only the Phone app, which doesn’t allow me to edit anything).

I see the icon of the People app only on the screen that includes a selection of apps and the link to widgets

The phone is running Cherry 1.6.

Thank you for your help.


If you do a edge swipe and release your finger on the symbol with the 6 dots you get to the list of all your launchable apps. do you not see the people app here?
in settings> apps > all there is no people app on my phone either and you are right the contact app launches the phone. But even from the phone app you should be able to navigate to the people app. tap on a contact and on the picture, right beside the name there should be a contact symbol; tap it - or actually just tap the picture and you should be taken to the people app. and there you can edit contacts with the menu button on your phone.

Oh thanks a lot! I had read other threads, but I hadn’t found the suggestion regarding the menu button. It works! Thanks again!

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