Can't find dating apps

In the google play store, I search for reputable dating apps eg. Okcupid, Bumble, Hinge, but they don’t appear. However it does come up with other, similarly named dating apps, but they look really dodgy. I have tried on another Android phone and it doesn’t have this problem. Why is this? How can I download them?

Which Android version do you have on your phone? It may be that these apps dropped support for older versions.

If you aren’t sure, please go to Settings > System > About the phone and check the Android version and build number. At the moment, Android 9 with build number 21.08.1 is the latest version for the FP2.


Oh thankyou, I have just checked and I have the latest Android version 9 build number 21.08.1
So it must be a different issue
Thanks though!

Are you using your Google account with the Play Store, and if so, did you give Google something to verify your age already?

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Sometimes only similar looking “fake apps” or “rip-off apps” show up when the original apps are not available for some reason. Usually because they require a certain Android version.

I don’t remember doing an age verification, so this looks strange. If something is considered “adult content” by Google, it is often not allowed on the Play Store anyway.

OkCupid: Dating & Beziehungen – Apps bei Google Play

Bumble - Dating & neue Freunde – Apps bei Google Play

Hinge - Dating & Relationships – Apps bei Google Play

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Have you had any success yet, Jenny? I have the same problem! I have Tindr on my phone, transferred from my old android no problem, but even that doesn’t show up in searches on Google play now. I can find the two apps I want in Google play only if I search for them through Chrome. Then they won’t download. I’ve turned off parental control on Google play etc. I can download all other apps fine. It also shows dodgy dating apps. Its so weird, I have tried everything to reset various bits via the forums but still doesn’t work. Help! I totally got the phone to have more space for precisely these apps haha

Uhm, check the email you use on the play store they possibly set your settings on google and you’d need to verify your age with a credit card or id. My friend has the same issue and we looked in their email and found it was a change to their permissions that was done by google. If that does not have them pop up go onto a computer and go to, you can download the app onto your phone via computer.

Hi Jenny and Shaz,

Have you had any success? I have exactly the same problem! My date of birth is set right, im over 18.

No, unfortunately I have been unable to fix the issue. I think it’s Google demanding age verification but there’s obviously no way I am giving Google my personal details - it has enough! Sorry and good luck - please let me know if you find a solution! Mine has been to use OkCupid web version because not allowed any apps haha

You could try if Aurora Store gives you access to these Apps: Aurora Store | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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Haha agree so much about Google! Have fun dating!

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