Can't find a 'buy' button for FP1 phone case

I feel rather foolish having to ask this, but I’m trying to buy a 3d phone case for my FP1 but can’t find the ‘buy’ button. When I click on the design I want I get redirected to this site - - where I can download the files. I did this, but what do I do with them now? Can I just send the files to someone with a 3D printer? The Fairphone accessories site says something completely different -

Can anyone help? My phone feels very vulnerable at the moment.

There’s a button “Order this printed” on the lower right of the preview image. You might want to try this out.

You could also use an online 3D printing service like 3DHubs after downloading the required files. They do have a wide range of materials to choose from.

Last possible solution: I would be willing to print this for you (to bring my 3D printer to good use).

I don’t have semi-transparent filament. You would have to go for one of the colors I’ve got here: Black, white, silver, or blue.
I can only print in PLA, which is not as elastic as you might be used to from the original FP1 phone case.


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