Can't figure out some things about FP2 software

Oh God… Is this the only possible way to do this? I just don’t want my private messages to be visible to anyone (myself included), before they are activley opened. This is a standard feature on all phones I have previously owned and heard of. There must be a way…

You can disable notifications, but then you’ll never know if you got a message until you open the app. (Settings > Apps > All)

What about the settings for apps in Sound & notifictions, notifications

Exactly… and that is pretty unhandy :-/

I had no luck there as well :frowning:

You could try different launchers. Maybe there is one that has the option to not show the content of notifications.

Under Sound and Notification / Notification you can choose between:

  • Show all notification content
  • Hide sensitive notification content
  • Don’t show notification content

is this what you mean?

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When I go to Sound and Notifications / Notifications I only see a list of all my apps:

Isn’t this “recently used” just a widget? On Fairphone 1 it is a widget which I can remove by long-pressing on it and moving it over the trash can that appears. Is that different on Fairphone 2?

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You have to go one screen back to this screen and then look at ‘When device is Locked’

There is a setting in sound & notificatons, in section notificatoin, where you can define how much content is shown on the lock screen, if you mean that.

There seems to be a bit of confusement about my problem with message preview. I know my English is sometimes poor when I explain technical stuff, so I try again:

For all in the world I do not want any message preview on my phone. So when I get a text or a message in WhatsApp there should under no circumstances be a preview in the top bar (the one containing Bluetooth icon, battery icon etc.) saying the beginning of the message or the senders name. Nor should there be a preview of any personal message when I put my finger on top of the screen and pull down the menu from the top bar. I don’t want either myself or someone holding/borrowing my phone to be able to tell part of a text or a senders name, before the message itself has been opened.

I can’t figure out how to change this, but it is standard on all other phones I’ve had. I can turn off the possibility of getting a notification at all, but that seems pretty dumb as I will have no idea of when I receive any kind of text.

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Which phones did you use before? I don’t know any phone with this behaviour. (I think all Android-Phones have the same behaviour.)
I think the reason why there is no option for this is, that no one has needed this before :wink:

One workaround I could think of is that you disable notifications but then use an other app like Dashclock Widget to display them. Dashclock only shows a symbol + counter for unread texts, mails, … but no content.

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HTC Wilfire X, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3. I know that my friends iPhone5s can do the same thing s him and I are similar regarding that.

Thank you for that - I will look into it tomorrow and then write here what I find out.

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Could you check your notification settings within the app Whatsapp.
The settings of the Whatsapp you can find by tapping on the three dots in the right corner of the app.
In particular the settings of the ‘Popup notification’.

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This is also the first solution that comes to my mind. The only issue with it is that you need to do this for every single app which might show message notifications.

That’s right. But you only have to do it once.


Yes I tried that. It doesn’t work either.

Think I just have to live with the fact that my messages are readable before they are opened.