Can't end calls because screen stays black

When I’m in a call and take the phone off my ear, the screen stays black and I can’t end the call. Pressing the hardware buttons doesn’t do anything and I can’t even turn the phone off. So I have to open the phone and remove the batteries. If the other person ends the call, I can get the screen back on, but have to press the button at the top two times. This is on a FP2 with non-Google Android (up-to-date). There are also sometimes issue in WhatsApp when recording voice messages where the screen turns off when it shouldn’t but that doesn’t happen reliably. Is this a known problem? Is there a fix?

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Generally, you can force a reboot by holding the power button for around 12 seconds. Better for your FP2 than removing the battery.

More specifically about the display blackout staying on (or not happening when it should), there’s a tool to adjust the sensitivity of the proximity sensor (that measures if the screen should be darkened or not):

Settings > Maintenance > Proximity sensor


Thank you, Urs, for this advice. Will try both and hope it helps.

Recalibrating the sensor worked!!! So glad because that means I can hopefully use the phone another 5 years. :slight_smile:


Tmalsberg - I’m so glad you raised this as I thought it was something to put up with (I love my FP2). Thanks also for the fix which I am implementing now. I also sometimes have a frozen screen and have to remove the battery to restart so I’m hoping that the 12 sec reset works next time :slightly_smiling_face:

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