Can't delete APNs

My FP identifies some (wrong) APNs based on my vendor.
I need to remove them but there’s no delete button.

That’s kinda strange, uh?

Hi @mircobabini

I’m not sure you actually ‘can’ delete them. However, you can add your own APN (with custom settings) and select this one. I had to do this, because my operator uses a different APN yet it uses the towers from another provider (strange, I know :slight_smile: )

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I had to do the same. BTW, it’s about the hotspot/tethering issue.
My gf had to remove each (not used) APNs (yep, even the not used ones) to make it working on her samsung. I thought it might be something similar but, well, I can’t delete any of them.

So, I need to know why/how.