Can't create Widgets anymore

Hi since several month i cannot create widgets anymore.
If i press the circle in the middle where they normally should be created, only a white dot appears.
any ideas?
best regards Tenne

If you Press the white circle in the middle, hold it a bit and move upwards you can open a search engine.
To add a widget long tap on a free space on the background and then select “widget” when the option appears…

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yes this would be the normal way. and it worked like that several month ago. But now there is only that:

any suggestions?

And before creating the screenshot you long pressed on the free space on the right side of “Schweizer Taschenmesser”?!?

-> Suggestion to create widget: long press on right side of “Schweizer Messer” (i.e. empty space) and select “WIDGETS” on the next screen:

Sry my fault. Ty for the help. Now it Works fine again :-)