Can't connect to Wifi but OK for 3G

My FP1 has stopped connecting to home wifi (but wifi works perfectly on computers at home).
Only connection to Data 3G it’s possible.
I tried other wifi connections in cafés and work and didn’t work neither.
I’ve changed nothing lately…absolutely no clue for the reason and the way to fix this!
Thanks for your thoughts about my issue.

Try out this solution:

Does it solve your issue?

Hi Stefan thanks for the reply,
but I’ve tried to read the link you gave me and the page gets blank after a few seconds reading it (I imagine it’s something with my ad block or antivirus, but I can’t avoid having this page not working!), so I can’t really understand the procedure to “move” the wpa_supplicant.
Can you help me on that?
Thank you in advance

Here is a screenshot:

in the end it has been solved by itself. Maybe there was a temporary problem with my home connection…
I’ll keep the procedure, just in case it will happen again!