Can't connect to the camera FP2

Just when I got my phone (this Monday) I noticed that my rear camera doesn’t work all. When I open the built in camera app (Google camera) it says “can’t connect to the camera” and it ask me to close and or report issue. Then when I tried to use another camera app, Open camera, or something like Snapchat I realized that I can use the front camera without issue in both apps. When I then try to switch to the rear camera the picture from the front camera freezes or the picture turns black. There is no problem switching back again so the whole app doesn’t crash. I’ve sent a message to support but they haven’t replied yet and I thought the forum might be able to help me! :slight_smile:

So what might be the problem and is there anything I can do? :slight_smile:

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I’d first try to open up the phone, take out the battery, disassemble the rear camera and put it all back. Maybe the camera module is just not connected well.


Thank you so much, it worked! :slightly_smiling:

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Well now the problem is back tried to disassemble it again but it won’t work :cry:

If I press the corner where the camera is it works. The screws are tightened. Something doesn’t seem to be reaching.

I’ve got the same problem.
Today, I received my new fairphone 2.
There is no connection to the camera for any camera app I tried. (Always came the notice: Failure: Now connection to camera possible).
What can I do?
My english is not so good. Is it possible to send an answer in german?

The whole message in german:
ich habe heute mein neues Fairphone 2 erhalten.
Leider funktioniert die Hauptkamera nicht. Sowohl die vorinstallierte
Kameraapp als auch andere Apps, welche ich ausprobiert habe erhalten
keine Verbindung zur Kamera. Die Frontkamera funktioniert.
Was kann ich tun?
Viele Grüße Clemens

Hallo, mein Deutsch ist nicht die beste, aber ich werde es versuchen. Was ich tun würde, ist Ihr Telefon auseinander zu nehmen. Auf diese Weise können Sie sehen, ob etwas mit ihm nicht stimmt. Dann können Sie es wieder zusammenzusetzen (vergessen Sie nicht zu straffen Schrauben) und dem Telefon starten. Das ist, was ich tat, und es hat mir geholfen, für eine Weile. Daher halte ich es für Sie tun könnte. Obwohl ich muss ehrlich sein und sagen, dass mein Handy in Reparatur ist.

Here’s the same in English:
Hello, my German is not the best, but I’ll try. What I would do is to disassemble your phone. This way you can see if something is wrong with it. Then you can put together the phone (do not forget to tighten screws) and start it again. That’s what I did, and it helped me for a while. Therefore, I think it could do for you. Although I have to be honest and say that my phone is in repair.

Thank you for your fast answer.
Now, Display don’t work anymore… :frowning:

Sorry, Display wasn’t fixed right.
Now the display works again but the main camera is still not reachable.

Good the screen works but you should probably contact support and tell them about your problem and what you have tried. I recommend first sending an email and then call (totally worth the money if your calls aren’t free). I, as said, sent my phone in and I am waiting for a new.


I have the same issue - I assume that my Camera modul is faulty, because tightening the screws or pressing doesn’t help.

Did you check if your Torchlight was working wehn you had the issues? I mean, they’re on the same module. Mine is working…

Yes I did. My flashlight did work BUT I noticed that when I touched the button to start the flashlight it was slow to start and when I touched it to turn it off the icon disappeared and the flashlight took a while to turn off. The icon did come back when flashlight turned off.

Thanks a lot for your reply. So a working torch is no indicator for no connection problems. I’ll contaced the support and we’ll see how it goes. But they wrote response can take 8days :frowning:

BTW: I noticed the same thing with the torchsymbol. But when I touch the menue it reappears. I thought this may be a software issue, but of course these problems could be related.

I don’t think it’s an software problem since my friend’s fairphone does not have this issue and when my camera did work for a few hours that was not a thing.

As I wrote before I think it is worth first sending a descriptive email and then calling the support. When calling support you get help right away. I thought it was worth every penny since I don’t live in Netherlands. No regrets calling.


my flashlight is also working.
I’ve contacted the support by Mail three days ago but no response until now. Maybe I call them tomorrow.
Did you send your whole phone back to Fairphone? As I understand you right, you didn’t get your phone back until today, right? What about the shipping costs?
Did they give a feedback to you how long the repair will go?

Yes I did send my whole phone back at no cost (fairphone pays shipping). I have not received anything back. It got to fairphone yesterday. Before shipping they said I’d get a new.

Well, you’re lucky… I still have no response from the support - 6 days now…

I’ll keep this up -Still no reply from supprot yet, Although I like my phone Iam thinking of returning it, because it seems that noone really cares…

Support is just… busy (but they’re also drafting in more staff).

Sure, but I was pretty clear in my topic that I have a DOA issue, and as this affects warranty/returning which is bound to a 14day deadline I think they need to prioritise such cases - now I am thinking of retruning my phone, because I do not know what is happening next.

Furthermore, the automatic email I received says that answer may take up to 8 days, but If they are unable to meet these deadlines they should communicate that. It’s the same with the delivery - to my view the perople were rather annoyed by false promises and bad communication of delays than by waiting for their phones.