Can't connect my fairphone to my computer


I have FairphoneOS and can’t connect my fairphone to my computer (nothing appears on any of the screens and I can’t find my files from my computer).
It doesn’t work on ubuntu, it doesn’t work on mint, it doesn’t work either on windows.

How to make it appear?

Thank you!

Are you sure you use a USB data cable, not just one for charging?
If you connect do you not get a notification on the phone (swipe down from the top to see it)?
You could try enabling USB debugging in developer settings, apparently that helps sometimes.


I’m using the same cable I used for my other android phones (and it is working right now with my samsung S4). So usually, I have the… Oh god it just worked.

Actually, it’s in the development tools. USB debogging was already enabled, but… in “select an USB config” I selected “MTP”. It looks obvious, but usually it works and I don’t have to do that :wink:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Where and how can you enable USB debugging?
My FP2 also doesn’t connect to my Mac, and I don’t get a notification…

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Scroll way down in your FP2’s settings to and tap on “About this phone” (or similar), then tap repeatedly on “Build number”. Once the developer options are cleared for you, you can open them and then go to and allow USB debugging.


First in Settings > About phone you’ll have to tap on the build number 10 times to enable the developer settings. Then you’ll have the option in Settings > Developer Options. There you’ll also find the option to set MTP as default connection mode as @pouetpouet described.


Thanks! Such a secret entry :open_mouth:

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