Can't change background image

I want to change my background picture.
When i select “my photos” to pick a new background picture, i receive the message “documents is stopped”. I can change the background by a previous background picture, but not by a new one.

I have fairphone OS 18.04.1

Looks like a crash message probably the reason why the change does not work.

Maybe because it is remaining in a cache?

My next thought was about the file index not being updated.
Is the new picture in the same folder as the previous picture?

Maybe the file index need to be rebuilt.
There is a media scan service (Media Storage) which should start to do this as soon as changes to the file structure were made. (file copy/move, new installations etc.)
You could clear the cache which will automatically restarts the indexing service which should reindex your files (check the absence of .nomedia files in your picture folder)
Go to ->apps->all apps->[media storage]->app info->clear cache
It will take some time (depending on how many files all your phone storage keeps), heat up the phone thereby maybe it will lag while the service is running.

Your can read more about it here or also use the search function with “.nomedia”.

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