Can't boot, stuck in loop

Hi all,
I realise that different variations of this question has been asked quite a few times on here, but none of the answers I found seem to solve my case of the problem. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.

My FP2, which has generally been stable, suddenly shut down during use today and won’t restart. It displays the FP logo on a black screen, with occasional vibrations and stuff. It also gets pretty hot (around the top).

I can get into the boot menu thing (vol up+pwr) though, and I’ve tried clearing the cache, hard reset, and I’ve also removed the SIM. After hard reset and SIM removal, it did get to a point where it said “optimising app x of y” before rebooting yet again, and I’ve also gotten some blue screens, so something did change, but it still won’t start completely. I’ll let it chooch for a while, but I won’t let it keep on doing this overnight, as it gets too hot for my liking.

Any hints?

Try reinstalling the latest OS via the recovery. You can get the file from here.


…and make sure the battery is fully charged first. If the phone is turning itself on (and you can’t charge it because of that) then it could be a defective module (often the bottom module, iirc).

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Okay, thanks! :slight_smile: Just to be sure, the method I should use then is the ADB procedure as described here? At least the thing seems to charge OK.

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Yeah if you know how to use ADB you can do that. If you have an SD card you can also simply put the file on it and open it directly in recovery mode on the phone.

Ace, that worked! Thanks a lot.

Had to use ADB as I don’t have any cards available – of course, this just had to happen on a business trip in the middle of nowhere. Slightly inconvenient to have to reinstall the entire OS, but at least it works again.

Of course, this raises some concerns … Is this behaviour a known FP issue?

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As you mentioned there are some topics about bootloops out there, so this does happen on occasion, but on a very small scale.
Usually it happens if a system file is corrupted, e.g. when something goes wrong during updating the OS.

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