Can't add new fields to existing contact

I’ve entered some contacts in my new FP2 under Kontakte, usally the name and a phone number.
When I want to edit an existing contact, e.g. adding the birth date or add the contact to a group (familiy, friends, coworkers or personal group), I can’t do so. I am only allowed to add E-Mail, Chat, Adresse, Notizen, Alias, Website, SIP, but not a group or a special date. There is no scroll-down menu.

However, for some contacts, it is possible when updating a contact. I do not know why.

What goes wrong dear community?

Have you signed in with a google account?
If you, like me, are #livingwogoogle these functions are not available for you, but there is a #featurerequests::tag asking for birthday support for non-googlers.

On my FP2 I’m syncing contacts with my own Owncloud server using DAVdroid and I can enter e.g. special dates. However I also cannot enter or use groups which is due to FP2’s contacts app (which is - afaik - not FP2 specific, but the Android standard one).
You can find a few suggestions regarding contact apps with more features (especially usage of groups) in this post:

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Hi Paul,

Yes, I have signed in with a Google account.

However, I still do not understand why I can’t update most of my contacts.

Maybe the contacts are placed directly on the phone without Google sync. Deleting the contacts and re-creating them will help.

Hi tofra,

this seems to work =)
At least for one contact which I tried.

BUT: As I entered the same phone number (but with the country identification number) for my “new” contact, Google or FP2 or whoever assembled the two contacts automatically to only one contact. Now I have 4 phone numbers instead of 2, with and without that country identification number … =(

Are these phone numbers on the contact? You can click the pencil in the upper right corner when you opened the contact and click on the X right to the phone number to delete unwanted numbers.

Hi tofra,

yes, these four numbers were on the contact. It was fine clicking on the pencil and deleting the unwanted entry.
But this was possible for one entry only. The remaining entry without the country identification number is shown in the update mode (= Kontakt bearbeiten) in the very bottom where I suppose the whatsapp contact data are shown. I am not allowed to modifiy this number in the contact itself. But if I go to whatsapp, I am also not allowed to do so =(

However, I deleted the unwanted number several times, did this, did that, updated the contact in whatsapp and for any reason it’s fine now =)))

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