CANNOT UPDATE my fairphone 2

HELLO EVERYBODY! my FP2 don’t update why? and how to do? thank you for help me ! please!


What happens when you open Fairphone Updater?


If nothing else helps: here are instructions to update manually. I have to do that regularly for a rooted Fairphone 2:


First, on which software version are you now? 19.11.2 (released in December; based on Android 7.1.2) is still the newest one.

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Dear every body, thanks for your answer, here my problem.

Le ven. 17 avr. 2020 à 13:07, Albert Pool via Fairphone Community Forum a écrit :

(Attachment FP 2.docx is missing)

Since you posted via email, I’ll answer so you’ll see it in your email hopefully:

I don’t even know whether this should work at all, but anyway, it didn’t work just now.

Hello everybody.
I solved my problem I think I made a factory reboot.

I hope now my FP will be better !


Le sam. 18 avr. 2020 à 18:36, AnotherElk via Fairphone Community Forum a écrit :


Bonjour @Mamoune,
si tu as encore des questions, tu peux me le poser aussi en Francais :fr: :wink:

Greetings, and I hope your FP2 work better now!

Merci Fabien. Thank U…
Now ils going better.

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