Cannot unlock Fairphone after last update

yesterday I updated my phone and now when I turn it on it stays for several minutes on the initial fairphone image before going to the unlock screen but I’m unable to unlock it (even if the password is correct) and after that everything goes dark. Pressing the on/off button doesn’t make any result. Then every 10/20 minutes, on it’s own, turns on the unlock screen but every time it happens I’m unable to unlock it.

This sounds pretty weird. I would suggest to take out the battery for some minutes, also take out SD and SIM cards, put the battery back in without turning the phone on, connect it to a charger (which should bring up a charging screen), and after some minutes try again to boot.

If this does not help, I suggest you boot to recovery mode, wipe the cache partition, and try to reboot.

Next option, unless someone else comes up with a different idea: if this does not help, you can also try to reset the whole phone from recovery mode.

BTW, I would make sure your battery is fully loaded (and would generally advise to keep your phone connected to a charger when doing updates, wipes and resets).


I finally had to reset the phone but now is working. Thank you so much for your help!


I’m glad it works now. I put this topic on autoclose in 2 days, if you have any more related problems just post back here. If you need the topic reopened when it’s allready closed just PM me. :smile:

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