Cannot unistall Cerberus

I am unable to unistall the Cerberus app, I think it might be because the admin mode seems to be “stuck” and cant be deactivated?

I would like to try in safe mode but how do I boot in safe mode?

I filed this into the help category. It is certainly not a reproducible bug.

I’m afraid this kind of apps are made to be impossible to install. After all, if someone steals your phone, this app wouldn’t be very helpful if the thief could just uninstall it.

I had the same problem some time ago, but a week later my phone crashed and I had to do a hard reset. That did the trick and I just didn’t reinstall the app. Apart from doing a hard reset, I’ve no idea how to get rid if it…

Did you try from within the app, or via Settings > Security > Device Administrators? Sometimes it takes a reboot for changes to take effect.

Tried both, with reboot as well. No luck. When deactivating from the settings, the checkbox refuses to become unchecked!

Sorry, missed your question about safe mode. I’m using gravity box which may change some of the options, though I think it should work the same way without. Anyway, here goes:
With the phone on and unlocked, press and hold the power button on the top of the phone until a menu pops up on screen. In this menu long press the power off option until a dialogue box pops up warning about a reboot. Choose OK and your phone reboots into safe mode.

Doesn’t work… Hm…

Could be related to this bug:
The options given to solve it appear to be repeated deactivations via safe mode / reboot (comment 25 and later references to this comment) or using root via adb or other apps (comment 16). Maybe this is an alternative to try, otherwise nothing obvious springs to mind.

As a coincidence Cerberus did an update and voila! Uninstalled!

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