Cannot stream media output to BT headphones irrespective of androids audio output option

After connecting my Bluetooth Headphones (JBL Free X, BT Version 4.2), media output doesn’t stream to the headphone, instead is still using the FP3+ speakers.

In the sound menu, output to JBL Free is chosen.

Steering apps like spotify nevertheless works via the headphones control buttons.

I can replicate the same behaviour with other headphones, Sony WH-CH500, e.g.

I restarted the phone multiple times and also did a factory reset.

Any help is appreciated.

Im having the same issue with sony WH1000xm3
strange because with my previous fairphone I did get it to work.

Exactly. So did and does still my FP2. And these headphones work literally with every other device in my household, old and new.

Quick question: are you by chance running /e/ on your phones or does it happen with the Fairphone stock ROM?

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thank you Ingo,

Yes, Im running /e/
I was with my last fairphone too.
Then I didnt seem to have this issue though…

Ok, for /e/ it’s a FP3 specific bug of Android 10 that is close to being fixed:
Not sure when this fix will be released as an update to all users.

Same problem on the /e/ forum is here:


thank you,
very helpful info.

Thank you for the hint!

Shipping the /e/ FP3+ with this bug already known is beyond stupid.

This better have irony tags.
Else this would be beyond laughable in the face of what a shipping operation entails, as well as what other bugs are out there in /e/, and as well as what can happen with OTA updates (hopefully only) while /e/ is still beta software.

As of tonight’s update the bug is fixed in /e/'s stable version.

I appreciate very much how some guys from /e/ reached out to me and soothed my slightly angry me on that issue.

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I bought a Fairphone3+ with /e/ on it (android 10). All works fine, except for bluetooth. Everything connects like it should: Jabra 65t, Marshall headphones, Eneby 20 IKEA speaker, Panasonic car radio. A wide range of connections I’d say. It will connect, I can set it to send media to it (so it’s not the obvious setting) but the music still comes from the phone speaker, not from the device. Making a phonecall works, it is just sending music to bluetooth that doesn’t seem to work.
I’ve seen some other bluetooth issues with Android 10 and bluetooth, and sometimes also with FP3+ and bluetooth, but I don’t think I’ve seen this problem in particular. Or maybe I haven’t been looking long enough. Anyone?

Hi there, I moved your post here as there was already a topic about it :slight_smile:
Did you update to the latest version? As you can see here:

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Yesss the update did the trick, consider me fixed! Thank you FP angels for fast reply and good directions! <3


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