Cannot start Wifi

I bought 2 FP3 in january 2020.
My wife’s FP3 cannot start Wifi till a couple of days.
I cannot tell you if she validated one update or something.
Maybe the Wifi hardware is damaged.

It started by turning off Wifi get FP3 reboot.
Sometimes turning on Wifi needed to reboot FP3 first.
And now Wifi is over.

How can I troubleshoot ?

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If you have a working backup you might try a factory reset to rule out of it’s hardware or software related.


Even then it is not absolutely sure, because some Speedport WiFi routers have had issues with Android 9.

@VKH68 I would check first whether your wireless router firmware version is up to date. If it is not, please update to the latest firmware available. If it is already applied, compare the version number of FP OS of both FP3’s. If the issue has come with an update recently, I would not recommend to apply it on the other FP3 that has no issue with WiFi unless you have found out how to solve it.


I checked firmware version on both FP3, they are same.
My Wife backuped her data and erase FP3 to factory but problem is same.
Wifi stay down all the time. :frowning:
Tomorrow, I will contact Fairphone support because the warranty is still running.

And what about the router firmware?

I don’t understand. Are you talking about the Internet Box ? My router is the box. Or is it maybe a router function inside FP3 ?

If you are meanng the Box, I got 2 FP3 and one runs good. Both FP3 have been purchased in same time (2019-12-23).


Yes, correct. If your router runs the latest firmware, enter the configuration and check for current DHCP leases, maybe the validity of the corresponding one must be renewed. (To find out which lease is for which FP3 of yours, just compare the “used last” info.)

Ok I will check, but the Wifi service starts a short seconds and stops.
FP3 doesn’t reach the router I think because Wifi doesn’t start.

You mean, as soon as you enable WiFi it is disabled instantly?

Yes it is
If I would switch off the router issue would be same

OK, then forget about the router. Maybe some energy saving app or plan is to blame…

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I got news.
Before calling support line, I found and tries following

  1. Both bluetooth and Wifi services cannot be turning on
  2. Launching bluetooth and Wifi services tests in developping mode got failed result
  3. When I tried to unlock OEM in order to unlock bootloader, it also failed. I would do it to update OS manually using a computer. (note OS is always at the last version)
    Fairphone support will send me some tips