Cannot source compatible charger

I have just bought a fairphone 3+ and have tried all USB-c chargers in my house but having looked none of them are compatible. In fact nobody I know has a single one of the devices mentioned in the Qualcom document so I can’t imagine finding one any time soon. I have since spent 4 hours trying to research USB certification and have completely come to the end of my patience. Can someone please share with me a charger that is not £45. I need a cable and a plug and I am in the UK. I have ordered this out of desperation but it’s of course impossible to tell if it’s USB certified.

Please help!

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Hi I’m in the UK

I bought a Fairphone usbA to usbC cable which is IF compatible.

I can charge my pnone from any ubsA socket though if the output is low it will take time to charge,

I’m just going to update a post on this as for the first time the phone is charging fast i.e about 1% per minute.

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Hi Again

I’m wondering what the problem is.
My daughter uses the charger for her Dell XPS with no problem,

As I live off grid I have various options
a) two basic 12v to 5v converters which output 5V to usbA at 1A and 2.4A
b) A mains (230V) unit (all in plug type) for a Raspberry Pi giving out 5V at a max of 3A max

I tend to use the Belkin 12v to 5V converter providing a max of 2.4A which until today took 3min to charge 1%. What happened to day I have no idea

Hi Amoun,

Sorry not very charger savvy, do you mean you can use your actual Fairphone cable with any plug? They told me it has to be one that is certified etc. But if it’s only the cable I need that’s a lot easier.

Would you mind sharing links to items you mention here? I am afraid I am not confident that I would know what I’m searching for! Thank you so much,


The best result can be got with an IF certified cable + QuickCharge (or Adaptive Charge) plug. Chargers that are marketed ‘for Fairphone 3’ are presumably using QuickCharge 3.0.

Any other cable may or may not work - they often do.

I can’t tell at the moment whether your plugs or your cables caused issues - it could be either. It may be that changing your plug with the one your ordered already fixes your problems.


Hi Albert, thanks for your reply. I am afraid I have already spent so long researching, if there is a link you can share with me to an ‘IF certified cable+QuickCharge (or Adaptive charge) plug’ I would be very grateful. My main problem is that I really don’t know what any of these things mean so I would be so grateful for a link that takes me directly to a charger.

Thank you so much,

I don’t think, that the FP3 is so picky, at least not mine.
Every charger with a cable that has a USB-C connector at the end that I could lay my hands on worked so far with my FP3.
A Samsung charger of an A40 with its own cable worked, the Apple 20W USB‑C Power Adapter, the UGREEN 20W USB C from Amazon as well as the Spigen SteadiBoost 27W PD.
I used a Spigen DuraSync USB C to USB C cable to connect with the chargers.


Mine neither, at least not with chargers. But not to forget, the cables matter, too.


You can by the ones made by Fairphone

But any usbC will do, they are all asymmetrical and can be plugged in either way.

So any charger with a usbC output should work.

The input for a usbC can come from any common mains chargerthat outputs 5V or a smart charger that communicates via the usbC IF cable with the power module to accept up to 20V at a lower current where it is then converted to 4.23V for charging.

So some chargers are dumb (5.1V usb type) some mains type can provide higher voltage for quick charging

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Yes, I know, but I had no issues wiht any cable until now. I just picked a cable that came with a power bank, and it works, fast charging with the original wall plug.

Thanks everyone, that’s really interesting customer service assured me only chargers on the list would work and that my Huawei one wouldn’t. Would you mind sending my a link to a USB certified cable I can buy in the UK? So not fairphone cables. Thank you,

Maybe: or if your charger has a USB-A-Port:

This is the cable I used currently, I’ve had no problems with them.It’s made by Anker and is really quite long

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Charger: Quick Charge 3.0, Anker 18W 3Amp USB Wall Charger: Electronics

Cable: Amazon Basics USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Male Cable - (1.8 Meters) - Colour Black: Computers & Accessories

Best wishes,


Thanks everyone. I have bought those two together Thomas thanks so much for sharing. Will see if my phone likes these or whether it’s just faulty,


Anker QC3.0 is the one I have. There’s no other aftermarket brand I trust in this category.


Hi Scarlett,
I’m also in the UK.
I originally used a USB-3 to USB-C cable to charge my FP3 from my desktop PC.
I then decided to switch to a mains charger and USB-C to USB-C cable to speed things up.
I now use a ‘oneo 3A 45W Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger’, which I can take with me when I’m not at home and which has both a USB-A and a USB-C socket.
I connect the phone to the charger using a ‘oneo Endurance USB-C to USB-C Data Charging Cable - 2M’.
I got them both from There was a discount offer when I bought them so I paid £21.58 in total.

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I think it’s possibly a poor wording, and a better phrasing is that they’ve only tested a small number of chargers and cables that they guarantee work. Others may work but they can’t guarantee that they will as it would cost too much and take too much time to do so.


This one working great for my FP3:

Thanks everyone for your continued support - if anyone is having the same issue as me, I wanted to share that I got this for £10 (both cable and charger) and it quick-charges. The more expensive one from Fairphone’s list does not quick charge and was twice the price. In case I save anyone some money.