Cannot set vibration length for messages


Since I changed from Fairphone Open OS back to the “normal” Android 6, I cannot set the length of the vibration for messages, for ex. in Signal (default SMS app) and Whatsapp.

Most of the time, the phone only vibrates for a very short time, like at startup. I can’t find a way to manage this for sms in the phone settings, and it’s very very annoying. In Whatsapp, although it is set to make a long vibration, sometimes it does (showing that the phone is capable of doing it), but only like 10% of the time. The rest of the time it makes a short vibration.

Edit: I just noticed that the problem occurs when the phone is asleep (screen off). The vibrations behave as expected when the screen in turned on and unlocked.

Any way to fix this?



I moved this to #fairphone2help to see if others have this problem too.

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