Cannot select contact pictures

I cannot change / select a picture of a contact.

Steps to reproduce:

  • edit a contact
  • tab the picture and choose an image from the internal storage

I always get the message “auf dem Telefon sind keine bilder verfügbar” (german) which translates to “there are no pictures available in the phone”

Hi @ulath, I moved this topic into the “FP2 Help” category for now, as the problem has not been confirmed by other users (e.g. maybe it is not a bug)

Ok, just for the record and if anyone else experiencing the same problem:

Deaktivating Google Fotos leads to the problem. 

Thought that other selection mechanisms like amaze still work, but they’re not.

Yeah, when an app tries to open a gallery app and you don’t have one installed there is bound to be some trouble.

Glad you could solve it.