Cannot see / import photos to PC from FP2


I cannot see my camera photos with PC. I swiped down, selected file tranfer. Only see in finnish Sisäinen tallennustila meaning smt like Internal storage. There I see 16 folders. DCIM one of them but it seems to be empty. I do find some photos I’ve used with for example Whatsapp. I don’t find my camera photos. I used to find them though. I do not want to use any Photos app because I want access the photos manually, select and delete them as I wish.

I found some topics about this but didn’t see any working solutions.

BR, Matias

addition to earlier if I select importing photos (PTP) instead of importing file transfer I see only two folders DCIM and Pictures. There are only one photo apparently from Facebook and a couple of photos from messages.

BR, Matias

Which OS are you using? FPOS? FPOOS? Other?
Which app are you using for taking the photos?
Can you see the photos using a file manager on the device (and only NOT via connected PC)?

Empty the cache of Media Storage (that’s a system app). Give the device some time to rebuild the media storage (it’s basically the list of media contents on your FP2) and try connecting again.


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