Cannot register new FP4 - IMEI1 number not recognized for warranty

Trying to register my new FP4 and the IMEI1 number is not recognized. I have opened a support ticket with Fairphone and they responded once and I sent them the information they requested (photo of FP4 screen showing the IMEI numbers and proof of purchase). But that was about 2 weeks back. Anyone else run into this problem?

Hi Dave and thanks for joining the community and our forum!

Sorry no one got back to you on this one, but as you can imagine, in a case like this, there’s only one thing to do, #contactsupport which you have duly done.

As I think this is likely a very rare problem it may take them some time to get back to you.

for registration you only need to enter the last 7 digits of the IMEI1. Is it possible that you tried to fill in the complete 15 digit IMEI1?


It appears that the IMEI numbers are not ‘clean’. I returned the FP4 to the seller.

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Humm. The thought did cross my mind.
You did well.

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